Women Empowering Women Philippines

WEW Philippines


Women Empowerment


2019 is a big year, since the WEW Philippines is set to formally organize and elect women for the key positions.

Putting together like-minded women in various areas of business, finance, medicine, law and others, the Group is to launch WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN PHILIPPINES (WEW Philippines).

The goal is to provide support to other women, expecially those that need upliftment, job opportunities, trainings, entrepreneurial skills and extend help to the distressed.

WEW Philippines is based in Ozamiz City and shall expand to many places in the country.



Lawyers conduct talks on Gender Equality championing both men and women's rights.

First Meeting 

Deliberation and introduction to the cause. Passionate entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, educators and full-time mothers commit to the WEW goal.


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